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Skin Care

Just feel what a facial can do! Life has a way of upsetting your skin. Pollution, stress, hormonal changes and nutritional habits all take their toll. Facials can help and feel wonderful too. A monthly facial works with skin's natural renewal process to maintain skin's glow of health and radiance. Like regular exercise, regular facials achieve visible results.

Regular Facial $90
Cleanses, refines, skin texture
NEW! Detox Energie $105
Anti-Aging $105
Toning and firming treatment focusing on small lines and wrinkles
Hydrating $105
Intense hydration with layers of moisture – an immediate long-lasting effect
Neck & Eye Treatment $109
Calming, soothing, de-stressing the eye contour, massages done with cold porcelain spoons. A neck treatment to preserve the face shape and décolleté (tightening and toning).
Make-up $40